The Brew News Podcast consists of two beer enthusiasts talking about craft breweries and their signature beers. The hosts, Andrew and Travis, want to introduce you to the ever growing world of craft beer, both in the US and internationally. Join them as they share their love for great beer, great times, and all the news that’s fit to brew!

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Andrew is a beer enthusiast from Greensboro, North Carolina. He typically enjoys full flavor beers and always picks the oddest beer he can find at the pub. He believes that if you do not like beer, then you need to try another, and wants to share his passion with everyone. If you find him at a brewery, stop by and share a pint!


Travis, also from Greensboro, North Carolina, has a fantastic ability to pick up on the subtle flavors and tones in each beer he drinks. Being plugged into the craft beer scene for a few years he brings great knowledge about beers and enjoys sharing a pint with friends.